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everwoodrp's Journal

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this is a role playing community for the show "Everwood". to join this community, please contact Ephram___Brown, by email. the rules/guidlines/suggestions are:

1) only one of each character. if you want one that's already taken, tough tamales. try doing what i did and start your own comminity. :D

2)try to keep the cussing down to a reasonable level. i understand that sometimes it's necessary, but if you abuse the swearing, you'll get two warnings, then a one way ticket out of here.

3)the main journal is for out of character talking. suggestions about the community, issues with other members, talk about the show, etc. the seperate journals are for in-character conversations. please don't post in-character in the main journal, or out of character in your personal journal. if ABSOLUTELY necessary, put double brackets (( )) around your out of character comments.

4) intereact within the journals. don't write your character's deepest darkest thoughts; be sure its things that your character wouldn't mind the other characters seeing. comment on other journal entries when possible to keep the level of interaction up, and please update your journal at least once or twice a week. (i'll check nearly every day, and update several times a week, if i can).

5)be reasonable and try to stay in character; remember, on Everwood, all the characters (even Bright) are multi-dimensional, not flat. and please type your entries in full-word format (no 'u' for 'you' no 'r' for are/our, etc.) and at least give an attempt at using apostrophes, commas, and periods. it can be really hard to read something with absolutely no punctuation.

6)before making any major plot lines or story arcs, please consult with me (again, i'm Ephram___Brown) first so that things don't get out of control.

if you have any questions, contact me, Ephram___Brown by email or instant messenger.

Character List:
Laynies__Heart (Laynie Hart)

we did have a Colin Hart. he's no longer with us. his part is open, but you'll need to create a new journal for the part if you want to play him.

all others open.

if you need a character icon, let one of us know. we have friends, friends who are quite handy with photo-editing software.